Being Thrifty Is For Future, But A Deeper Thought Would Be Fulfilling That Future

live well make time stand

Empowered with money, wealth and possibly health, what do you do with it? Is it worthy if your family, friends, peers, shoulders that used to cry on are no longer around? What is my point? How long do you want to wait before you can do that thing which is more important? Cherish and Choose Wisely today!

Save Money Being Single – Should we? Yes, but How??

I can totally understand it is the time of your life being single and with the earning power and with no financial burden!!

It is time to party. But if you planned to stay single for the rest of your life, then yes, pls carry on with decent, sufficient insurance coverage! Else, pls read this and think how it can blend into your life!

Not thrifty related but it shows economics of the world

I love this piece of article because it reflects the weakness of the entire world’s economy system! For it to happen and is so predictable, why is it unstoppable? This is probably the power to control the world is pivoted in the hands of a few social royalists!

Save more in case of another economical downfall!

Rethinking how to bid for COE?

After reading this article, it really dawned on me that the wealthy can simply bid indiscriminately just to be assured a COE, but that would result to a situation where the financially adequate but sandwiched class never get a chance to own a car. This is because they never dare to bid more than manageable and may potentially having to pay for it!

Relooking the policy is definitely necessary!