We can really try to cut down some expenses at home!


I totally agreed to this piece of news. It is very relevant as I do not use anyone of this items.

it can save you at least $100 each month! And you get a fully paid trip and full board to Koh Samui every year!

Avoiding Big Losses : It is a science and art!

avoid big losses

How has to be learnt must be learnt.

What is to be unlearnt will be after a serious punishment or lesson.

If after falling, and not pick up anything, the fall is misspent!

From Sunday Times, 5th july 2015 Classified

What to do to build a nest egg now? With assistance from the government program.

SRS nest egg

Retirement is a scary affair if you are not planned and ready for it.

Many of the working generation cannot wait to retire as they are tired of seeing their bosses, handling office politics and even being a positive leader in a firm or company can be a draining ordeal.

Hence, with SRS, it is one of the many ways to increase your nest egg! chew on it!