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Saving money is like having a sundae without the toppings! Buy and eat what is essential and not getting those extras that will make things heavenly. Is it really important to save? Not necessary if you are spending on investments wisely, who needs to save? Spending boosts economy hence you are doing your part for the country’s GDP!

However, if you are not able to protect your money, then better take the easier way for a safer net, SAVE!

http://business.asiaone.com/personal-finance/investments-and-savings/4-singaporean-habits-are-complete-waste-money20151024_wastemoney (1)



Seriously, this is something never never taught in school.

The education system only taught us how to make money but didnt complete the syllabus on how to hold and grow money. we only got 1/3 of the knowledge on financial management despite spending 16 years in school! haiz

How Can Controlling Your CHANEL, FERRAGAMO etc temptation can change your life?


I really cannot say that I am not a victim or culprit. When I am put in front of the AUDI R8, my knees will go weak when I know that a Hyundai Elantra can serve the same purpose at 1/15 of the cost.

Well, I am trying too. Your should too after reading this!

Stress can damage you permanently. Dream is non chargeable and has no opportunity cost. SO DREAM BIG!!

A deafening roar against undesirable habits of spending


Rules of saving money
1) know how often you wear
2) know how often you use
3) cost of item

These considerations may deter you from spending. We all know buying is emotional and depend on individual’s perceived value. Do watch out!

This is worrying! Young and financial savvy is a novelty nowadays!

I can only advice the young to save for future! The extra bottle open or extra packet smoked could mean a 6 months of tuition fees for your kids in 25 years.

We should not be paving towards a debt ridden society in 20 years! Steer away now!