Having a S$1 million nest egg? Possible? Absolutely in Singapore

build nest egg

Here is a narration of how this can be done!

A deafening roar against undesirable habits of spending


Rules of saving money
1) know how often you wear
2) know how often you use
3) cost of item

These considerations may deter you from spending. We all know buying is emotional and depend on individual’s perceived value. Do watch out!

Credit Rating Of Yourself

Ever wondered by the credit card you applied for got rejected?

Have you been paying your bank loans and credit card bills late and then asking for waiver?

All these lack of discipline attitude not only make you lose money upfront but also a great opportunity cost as you cannot buy some instruments that will appreciate just because bank refused to give you a decent loan. This is actually our own doing.


major loan

Save Money Being Single – Should we? Yes, but How??


I can totally understand it is the time of your life being single and with the earning power and with no financial burden!!

It is time to party. But if you planned to stay single for the rest of your life, then yes, pls carry on with decent, sufficient insurance coverage! Else, pls read this and think how it can blend into your life!

The fundamentals about interest rate


Imagine yourself being the owner to receive these interest!! Now we know why we can be poorer while others grow to be reacher!