Money No Enough!

Enough said! Who has more to spend than they earn? almost everybody except people stranded on the remote island!


How do you be a master of your money instead of a slave to it?

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Interesting Fundamentals About Wealth Accumulation

invvest to accumulate

Fundamentals are normally the hardest to follow. It involved learning, unlearning, appreciating, understanding and then applying then it is considered to have laid the foundation to build upon.

We need to invest the fundamentals first before to moving on to something speculative.

Tell me if you think that this is a bias reading.

Happy Lunar New Year!! Save with Waves of Ways!

Hi to all,

Wishing all chinese a prosperous and joyous chinese new year!!

Today is Chu5 and most people would have went back to work and slowly tapering down the festive mood.

After giving out many angpows during the festival, it is time to do a stock take on the expenditure this year for CNY!

I came across these websites which may help to recoup some $$ and save more for the next year!

Love the writers’ effort and research.

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Attend flea markets


My all-time favourite activity is going to flea markets and digging up clothes stacked upon treasure trove worth of clothes. The flea markets in Singapore sell a plethora of new and pre-loved goods ranging from charming old-school watches, cosmetics, clothes, to even laptop sleeves and stickers.

It is where I bargain for clothes and get my adrenaline shots by “chionging” for mad deals. If you don’t mind getting pre-loved items, this place will be heaven to you. Most clothes, even branded ones, sell for a fraction of what they are retailing for. Best of all, you get to bargain! My best buys include a brand new pair of Bershka jeans at $8 and a pair of Vans at $10.

Some well-loved flea markets in Singapore you don’t want to miss: SCAPE Bazaar (every Thurs- Sun, 12pm-10pm), Flea Party (Lucky Plaza Level 6, every Saturday 1-7pm), and the occasional one at the Singapore Flyer Skydeck.

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Saving Without Investing
Both I and Mr. Tan Kin Lian have mentioned emergency funds. That is, six months worth of savings in a bank account. As it turns out, Singaporeans are pretty enthusiastic about this; like Sub-Saharan scavengers, we’ll build a reserve and never touch it. Not even if it comes to boiling our own toenails for supper.

The problem is, we don’t know when to stop. Plenty of Singaporeans cross the six month mark, and then decide “forget investments, I might lose money. Better keep dumping all the cash into the emergency fund, forever.” Gradually, the “six month” fund transforms into a sub-par retirement plan. Then low interest and high inflation kick in, and the fund’s value starts diminishing at a monstrous rate. When retirement does come around, we’re left wondering where all the money went.

Saving without investing is losing money. There is no way $2000 now will be worth $2000 in ten years.Every year you leave money in a savings or current account, inflation chews up a percentage of your total wealth. So stop once your emergency fund is built, and start investing instead.

Life Insurance is not Blind Spending!

It is no longer “I was being duped into buying insurance by the agent” days.

This is the time where we need others and I mean collective others to protect ourselves against any health crisis.

We are having a longer lifespan and not forgetting an easy 3-4% escalation in medical bills each year, we are unable to catch up with the rising medical bills. Even if you can, do you want to lose all your savings just because of an operation and medication? Your children lose their inheritance, study fees or even overseas studying opportunity because you have failed to plan seriously.

Start early if you are serious about your life as well as your children’s well being. It is not just spending time to watch TV with them, you need to start planning not just for yourself but them too!

life insurance