Cost of Owning A Car In Singapore – A LOT!!

As I am planning to get a car, I looked through the market and evidently it cost more to get a second hand car than a brand new car!

Don’t get me wrong. the absolute cost of a second hand car is still cheaper than a brand new but the annual depreciation of a new car is lesser than a second hand. Unbelievable!

So how much must you earn to afford a car? Think again.



Rethinking how to bid for COE?

After reading this article, it really dawned on me that the wealthy can simply bid indiscriminately just to be assured a COE, but that would result to a situation where the financially adequate but sandwiched class never get a chance to own a car. This is because they never dare to bid more than manageable and may potentially having to pay for it!

Relooking the policy is definitely necessary!

MPV=HDB? Writer tries living in a “box car” 

MPV=HDB? Writer tries living in a “box car”

Does it seem logical? If it has been a Recreational Vehicle (RV) then it may sound plausible. However, we would have neglected the fact that HDB in good location will have a sharp rise in value be it being old like 30 years whereas a car will fetch almost nothing after 20 years. How about image? How is that accounted for in terms of the money save (waste)? Better this is an interesting article which is aligned to being thrifty.