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Saving money is like having a sundae without the toppings! Buy and eat what is essential and not getting those extras that will make things heavenly. Is it really important to save? Not necessary if you are spending on investments wisely, who needs to save? Spending boosts economy hence you are doing your part for the country’s GDP!

However, if you are not able to protect your money, then better take the easier way for a safer net, SAVE!

http://business.asiaone.com/personal-finance/investments-and-savings/4-singaporean-habits-are-complete-waste-money20151024_wastemoney (1)

Rethinking how to bid for COE?


After reading this article, it really dawned on me that the wealthy can simply bid indiscriminately just to be assured a COE, but that would result to a situation where the financially adequate but sandwiched class never get a chance to own a car. This is because they never dare to bid more than manageable and may potentially having to pay for it!

Relooking the policy is definitely necessary!

Comfort vs Expensive? Which would you compromise?


We all knew that some cars in Singapore could cost as much as a 3-room public housing. Yet, there are still many super cars plying on the roads of Singapore. For the thriftier lot out there, is owning a car really a necessity here? Why or why not own a car? Is it value for money as compared to taking a cab or public transport? The above article is for your perusal, critic and comments.