You Can Still Get A Good House Despite Not Winning The Ballot

Your queue number is 6078 when there are only 456 units available and you jolly well know you dont stand a morsel of chance!

Fret not, you can still potentially stay the location of your dreams. Worse case scenario, buy with your money in the open market after 5 years!

Why people let go their chosen HDB flats after winning the ballot?


MPV=HDB? Writer tries living in a “box car” 

MPV=HDB? Writer tries living in a “box car”

Does it seem logical? If it has been a Recreational Vehicle (RV) then it may sound plausible. However, we would have neglected the fact that HDB in good location will have a sharp rise in value be it being old like 30 years whereas a car will fetch almost nothing after 20 years. How about image? How is that accounted for in terms of the money save (waste)? Better this is an interesting article which is aligned to being thrifty.