Interesting Fundamentals About Wealth Accumulation

invvest to accumulate

Fundamentals are normally the hardest to follow. It involved learning, unlearning, appreciating, understanding and then applying then it is considered to have laid the foundation to build upon.

We need to invest the fundamentals first before to moving on to something speculative.

Tell me if you think that this is a bias reading.

Life Insurance is not Blind Spending!

It is no longer “I was being duped into buying insurance by the agent” days.

This is the time where we need others and I mean collective others to protect ourselves against any health crisis.

We are having a longer lifespan and not forgetting an easy 3-4% escalation in medical bills each year, we are unable to catch up with the rising medical bills. Even if you can, do you want to lose all your savings just because of an operation and medication? Your children lose their inheritance, study fees or even overseas studying opportunity because you have failed to plan seriously.

Start early if you are serious about your life as well as your children’s well being. It is not just spending time to watch TV with them, you need to start planning not just for yourself but them too!

life insurance

Are Singaporeans really so bad in recent personal financial planning?

Not sure how the study and analysis was done but lately there are a lot of promotions by the banks for opening or topping up of savings accounts. The banks offered great interest on the savings compared to normal and free gifts. They gifts were swiped out even before the promotion ended. Hence, I am uncertain. I believed that we are doing better than this.