Wow! This is what all winners need!!


We had always heard lottery winners becoming pauper again after 2-3 years because they are not trained or conditioned to handle money.

I am glad Singapore Pools are doing this for the future of the winners.

Of course, that is if they listen and apply!


Kudos to Singapore Pools!



Cost of Owning A Car In Singapore – A LOT!!

As I am planning to get a car, I looked through the market and evidently it cost more to get a second hand car than a brand new car!

Don’t get me wrong. the absolute cost of a second hand car is still cheaper than a brand new but the annual depreciation of a new car is lesser than a second hand. Unbelievable!

So how much must you earn to afford a car? Think again.



I totally love this book made by moneysense. It is not only entertaining, educational and obviously, much effort had been placed into it to create it! Kudos to you! Please read it!

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This is worrying! Young and financial savvy is a novelty nowadays!

I can only advice the young to save for future! The extra bottle open or extra packet smoked could mean a 6 months of tuition fees for your kids in 25 years.

We should not be paving towards a debt ridden society in 20 years! Steer away now!