How Can Controlling Your CHANEL, FERRAGAMO etc temptation can change your life?

I really cannot say that I am not a victim or culprit. When I am put in front of the AUDI R8, my knees will go weak when I know that a Hyundai Elantra can serve the same purpose at 1/15 of the cost.

Well, I am trying too. Your should too after reading this!

Stress can damage you permanently. Dream is non chargeable and has no opportunity cost. SO DREAM BIG!!

Sale Sale Sale !! Be Virtually Thrifty!

All mentioned about being thrifty and not acting on it is just a mere story right?

Now, with my contacts and effort, I would like to transfer all the savings and discounts to you so that you can practice saving too! Mostly are brand new items unless otherwise stated.

Hurry! Tap on your virtue and be thrifty!!

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Credit Rating Of Yourself

Ever wondered by the credit card you applied for got rejected?

Have you been paying your bank loans and credit card bills late and then asking for waiver?

All these lack of discipline attitude not only make you lose money upfront but also a great opportunity cost as you cannot buy some instruments that will appreciate just because bank refused to give you a decent loan. This is actually our own doing.


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